Lynne Henderson: Private Practice

Lynne Henderson’s Private Practice

Dr. Lynne Henderson’s work with shyness is based in her private practice in psychotherapy focused on self-concept.

This includes

  • Individual work: working one-on-one in privacy
  • Group work: interacting with a small number of others on shared issues
  • Interleavedwork: group and individual session are interleaved to provide the advantages of both

This takes place

  • Berkeley office: in the East Bay
  • on the street: exercises in the community

  • Director: Lynne Henderson, Ph.D.
  • Telephone: +1-650-814-9210
  • Location: Berkeley, CA
  • E-mail: Lynne Henderson

2 thoughts on “Lynne Henderson: Private Practice”

  1. i am a very shy person.i feel so uncomfortable in parties and gatherings.i really wish that i am so friendly to others but i can’t.i really want to overcome this because i don’t want to live a boring life like this.
    please help me to overcome this.

    1. I can imagine how hard this is. I wrote a book called Improving Social Confidence and Reducing Shyness Using Compassion Focused Therapy that is available for Kindle on Amazon. You can also contact the Wright Institute in Berkeley for counseling on a sliding scale. For more information on how to begin, please call: (510) 548-9716.

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