Social Fitness Training Services

Services include:

Initial Evaluation

An initial evaluation by a licensed psychologist includes 1) a structured interview of up four sessions; 2) personality inventories; 3) a final feedback session. Together these sessions help define specific problem areas and assist in clarifying individual goals and desired outcomes for each client. (Cost: $220 per 50-minute session).


The focus of the groups is on understanding shyness, examining thinking patterns, social skills training, confrontation/negotiation skills training, etc. (Cost: $100 per group session).

Individual Counseling

Individual cognitive behavioral sessions which focus on the personal psychological needs of the client. These may be scheduled weekly or as needed. (Cost: $220 per 50-minute session).

Individual Telephone Consultations

Individual weekly sessions for clients who are unable to participate in our on site programs. Sessions include a structured interview designed to identify specific anxiety-producing behaviors, clarify goals, explore skills training, etc. Number of sessions determined by the client. (Cost: $220 per 50-minute session).

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