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Another helpful resource for shyness

Dear Friends,

Here is another helpful resource for those of you struggling with self-blame and shame as you try to reach out to people and do things that scare you. It is called A Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction workbook by Robert Stahl, Ph.D. and Elisha Goldstein, Ph.D. You can purchase it from New Harbinger Press or through It was published this year.

The reason I mention this book, as well as Steve Flowers’ book in my last post, is that these books directly target the negative emotions that we can struggle with when we feel shy. This stress-reduction workbook is not targeted at shyness per se, but includes many helpful exercises. As an increasing body of research is suggesting that mindfulness practices help to reduce negative emotion and increase well-being, the practices may be worth cultivating if they appeal to you and if you find them helpful. You will find overlap with Steve Flowers’ book, and some differences..

I did a practicum training with Dr. Stahl in my efforts to develop a module for our shyness groups that will help people balance their emotions while working with shyness exercises. I found his work compelling and his training very helpful.

I would also like to hear any feedback you have as to what helps and what doesn’t in your own exploration of resources for shyness. You can email me at