The Shyness Institute

The Shyness Institute is a non-profit research corporation founded in 1994 and is dedicated to research regarding shyness, social anxiety, and related anxiety disorders.

The Shyness Institute develops and documents work on Lynne Henderson’s The Social Fitness Model, including The Social Fitness Manuals, The Shyness Reading List, Research and Presentations, Meditations, and Worksheets (Practice Notes, Handouts and Questionnaires) from The Shyness Institute.

The Shyness Institutea lso provides public education in the areas of social interaction, shyness, and overall social/emotional wellness.

The Shyness Clinic, a treatment center for shyness and social anxiety disorder, originally created by The Shyness Institute was moved in 2010 to the The Gronowski Center at the Palo Alto University.

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  1. There are usually lower fee services provided by students in training or beginning therapists. If you call your county psychological association they often can provide information regarding how to contact them. You may also ask a therapist if they do provide lower fees on the basis of need. Many do. Also, look for group psychotherapy because it can be really helpful and is cheaper. It helps the social anxiety to be with others who struggle with the same issues. You can see how they are nice people and underneath can have the same negative thoughts and worries that you do. You also get a chance to make friends in the group.

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